Currently dashing the hopes of my parents. (lolasenvy) wrote,
Currently dashing the hopes of my parents.

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Apples only keep doctors away when you're throwing them at him

Well I went to the doctor today. After an awkward half hour in that position (wow, ceiling tiles are really interesting), a rather irritating series of shots, and a Newer!, Stronger!, Better! series of meds, I left with a serious deficit in my well of personal shame. However, I feel like a million bucks. I am by no means well - still with the dizziness, cold spells, hot flashes, and some mood swings; but I am doing much better. I have more strength than I have as of late and more energy. Hopefully, this isn't a temporary solution. I can't wait to be back to my party girl, happy-go-lucky self.

Hey Eugene, sorry I haven't had the energy to keep up with you. I am missing you like mad, really I am. Talk to you soon, dear heart. ::smooch::

Well, ten hours is max for me. Off to nap I go. I gotta work tonight, after all.

Love to everyone.
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