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me: Dennis is watching Unsolved Mysteries

Jennie: Hehe.

me: sometime this kid, i swear

Jennie: Is he understanding it?

me: i dunno, but he's turns it on everyday

Jennie: Heh, that's cute.

me: he talks to the screen
it's really weird

Jennie: *giggle*

me: TV: "...and simply vanished without a trace"
Dennis: "Really? Wow."

Jennie: *laughs*
That's hilarious.

me: you should see
he'll come pull my shirt tail

Jennie: *is peeing myself laughing and trying very hard not to wake my roomie*

Me: nay nay, girl vanished
No idea what he's talking about

Jennie: *laughs really hard*

me: this is my brother


Apr. 8th, 2003 11:12 am (UTC)
such a GUY thing
gosh.. even I have to admit that's SUCH a guy thing!! it's juss FUNNI that he's starting soooooooooooo soon!! hehe.. MOST guy's i've dated have had this obsession with "Unsolved Mysteries".. what's with men??