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Currently dashing the hopes of my parents.

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Well, I'm in the black. This week.

Went to bank. May I say right now that Reynolds Cheney rocks as a banker. I really like that man, and That's saying a lot considering I hate banks. Anywho, all those NSF fees that I didn't create were wiped clean, and all $150 bucks restored to me. That fixed my account. Now all I have is phone, cable, two credit cards, lights, water, gas, house insurance, actioneers fees, and...

Cable. I have the most awesome cable package. I love it! I got all the music channels, Noggin, BBC America and (drum roll please) I got Nicktoons TV! I'm in love. You guys are gonna have to come pull me out like Howard Hawks or something. It's sad.

So anyway, new pieces to the collection coming. I'll envite you all to the unveiling. Bills are getting paid, and I'm doing pretty well. I got invited to Relay for Life for the first lap since I was diagnosed with cancer for the ovaries (if you didn't know, it's removed and I'm on horemone replacement. I'm on my way to being better) I really am doing better, by the way. I get tired alot and daily shots are a serious bitch, but I'm alive. I'm truly a blessed individual to be living and to have my friends.

Look for your invitation to my birthday party. It's coming up in June and will require a sleeping bag, pajamas or other night attire. I can't wait !!!
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