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Currently dashing the hopes of my parents.

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Here I am, writing my future hit, "Alone in my Principles"

Gee, I though I told everybody about this, at 6:49 AM on Monday 21 April 2003.

Anyway, MY life is beautiful. I have friends, I am loved and in love, and in three short days I'm going back to my heart. New York City!
It's sad when you see things long before anyone else and you have to wait for them to pick up on it. Well, that's what happens when you take blessings for granted and assume theat you're guaranteed what you have. I'd sell my soul for things some people are ambivalent about.

Well, not anymore...

But my life rules. Turns out my pacemaker is just to keep my chest from becoming a barren, cold, dank water closet while my heart is at Rockefeller Plaza. It would be so unfortunate if that happened.

Oh, and just for Brad:

"Mrs. Wood, you should see your horoscope. It's soooo acurate!"
"I don't read horoscopes. They're of the Devil"
"But this one's really on the money."
"Really What does it say?"
"Oh, that there is no God"

Excerpt from just one of my senior homerooms. Rita Wood is a real bitch, for the record.
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