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New York State of Mind, Fa la la la la, la la la la

Well, I went to New York with Andrew and Kate. I love and miss that place I refer to as 'home' but every time I go I get these mixed feelings. It's an intangible joy and then the harrowing reality that I have to leave soon. Too soon. Andrew says he really liked it and that means so much. Kate wasn't going to be the hard sale. I knew that. I hope she enjoyed it none the less.

So today was the official day of withdrawls. Between the most unbelievably supreme anger I have for a couple of people right now, the exhaustion over the spectrum of emotion felt in such a short time, and the depression of leaving the only place that ever understood me, I was very down today. You add my empty house, an unfulfilling dream, and you get me doing some wierd stuff let me tell 'ya.

(Prepare cringe please) I waxed every limb I had. Then I took a cold shower. Then I put on Christmas carols and got into my big fluffy bathrobe. After making some Chicken noodle soup, "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York" came on. That movie rocks! Yes, it does. Anyway, I spent the after all Christmased-out pointing at the telly and saying "I know that street! I know that place! I've been there!"

Oh, and I've two words for you: Eddie Bracken.

How can there be wrong in this world with Eddie Bracken? So, Ryan was probably working way late so he never called, I crashed, and Andrew woke me for a quick game of pool before I came to work. An altogether good day. I'm in unusually good spirits, I suppose. Much love to Andrew, Brad, Ryan, Aimee, Kate, Celeste, Marcus, Anjelica,and Nate for making this God-awful city worth living in.

And for the record: Who Stole MY Screen Door? Out with it, Colonel Mustard - it was you, wasn't it?
That one's just for Andrew.

It is my belief that life is a state of mind. Peter Sellers' last film, "Being There"

Maybe everyone out there is a liar. And maybe the whole world is stupid, and ignorant. But I'd rather be in it. Id' rather be fucking in it, than down here with you. Winona Ryder last respectable film, "Girl, Interrupted"
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