Currently dashing the hopes of my parents. (lolasenvy) wrote,
Currently dashing the hopes of my parents.

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I miss my home

Never so gratified feeling so small
Surrounded by giants of concrete and steel
Never felt connected to such a whole
Nothing feels as alive as New York
The window shops and subway stops
The comedy clubs and music hops
The constant blur of taxis on the go
Not my place but my only home
And the people on the street
They breathe electricity
They give that to me
Nothing is tired, everything new
Even in falsity, everything’s true
This is where I so long to be
That place that never sleeps
Never so complete
When so completely alone
Never so in love
Nothing is like New York

Rockefeller Plaza, NBC, Times Square, Theater Row, Broadway, Fifth Avenue, Central Park, Upper West Side, Cheesy Pizza, Ed Sullivan Theater, East Harlem, Liberty Enlightening the World, the Empire State Building, Duane Reade, The Apthorp, Carnegie Hall, Stand UP New York....

Wow, I miss home.

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