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plug into the faithless, 'cause Bennie makes them ageless

One week from now, I will have just watched the episode of Conan that I went to in NEW YORK CITY!!!! I can't believe it. So close, yet so far away. I'm STILL not sure wether Kate or Michael is going, but I've mapped out an itenerary so if I must go alone, I will enjoy it. OH MY SWEET JESUS, I'm going to see Conan again!!!!!!


Needless to say, I'm a little consumed by one thought right now. I am glad to hear Ryno is so happy though. And Andrew, although I'm beginning to think he needs to consult a little anger management. Later tonight Jude and Golden boy and I are going to have dinner at the station. Brad tells me he's doing this "You're special to me" rap, which is really cool. No one is less deserving, and I mean that about both of them. Just so long as no one tries that bullshit with me, because I draw blood. Just let me find my own crowd - - you know, Republican convention, VA offices, cancer ward, whatever. Anyway, I've been in the ZONE for two days solid, and they just played the sacred first episode "Where is EVERYBODY?" Stop rolling your eyes, you bastard. I am so tired of being, sniff, sob, the only person in this group with culture!

Fuck it, I can't even pull that off. Let's just agree to disagree: Rod Serling is a god, and you don't count. Compromise is awesome.

This week was pretty cool. I worked all week, so I got to see everyone at the station. The 4th was fun too. Because I'm sleeping by day, I got up tonight as they were putting Dennis to bed. Perhaps the little bastard is starting to like me, because he saw me and yelled "Nay nay!" (if only I could have a sibling that my mom doesn't teach that fucking pet name to) and run over to me and gave me a big hug. So I peeled him of and he went back to lay down with mom. Of course, that could just be a well executed ploy to be out of bed for an extra 15 seconds. You never know.

I don't miss school so much anymore. I'm just hanging out and having fun. I hope all my aquaintances are also. I hope life is treating you all well.

Ending the gale of the longwinded, take this with you everyone:

Conan stripped Wednesday. Life is beautiful.
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