Currently dashing the hopes of my parents. (lolasenvy) wrote,
Currently dashing the hopes of my parents.

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hey, you know what...

Fuck you. Fuck your narrow, small town, inexperienced, needful, simple-minded, self centered way of life. If you were never put down, made to feel small, or put in the corner then you're not privileged, you're pathetic. And if you think for one nanosecond that you're issues are bigger than anyone else's then just FUCK OFF. Because you don't know anything about pain, sacrifice, misery, or loss if you're so cavalier about your own. And don't tell me that you 'understand' because you don't. You don't know anything about me and what it's like to be me. I don't want to hear anything about your heartache. I don't care about your love problems. If you knew what love is, you would NEVER make anyone feel the way you make everyone feel. So just get over yourself. Don't expect me to coddle you for anything. That's life, and it's hard. Period. It isn't anyone's job to make life any easier for you, and it damn sure isn't mine. So don't expect any leniency from me. Just shut the FUCK up, take a real good look around, and realize that there are people whose suffering is that much greater than your own.
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