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Even though the sun is shining, I can't aviod the lightning

What should have taken 15 minutes has now taken me 6 hours. This is un-bu-fuckin'-lievable. I go to expedia to book my flight, only I can't book that particular flight because there isn't enough time to overnight -- OVERNIGHT -- the tickets to me. Fine, so I choose another package and pay a couple hundred out of pocket. Whatever. So I get a window that says, I'm quoting, "The price of this package has changed from $780.53 to $792.56. Do you accept?" I click yes, and because I happen to Ruby Lee, they add $1,000 dollars to my bill without my permission and with no explanation. Well, after some choice words and six phone calls later, I find out they can void this perchase but only after I make an alternative.

Now, as a side note, none of this should make sense. I'm just check to see if you're keeping up.

Now the problem with buying another package is that the last clustfuck I perchased put my bank account as -236.15. Are you tasting bile too? Anyway, so I have to call the bank and explain to them that this system sucks, so they can release the card and I can buy a package so that they can void the first one so I can be back in the pink. Still following? At about this point, I'm asking the enevitable question:

WHY ME??????????

Now I couldn't fix the problem until after the rollover at midnight. So here I am buying plane tickets at 12:24 AM. All because this is no longer a weekend getaway. It's a quest. It's a fucking quest for joy. And I'm not losing this. I always make plans and they always get bumped or altered or cancelled. Not this time. Michael and I are going to have the swellest time of our pointless fucking existance. And I'm taking pictures.

Drew: Thank you for putting up with whatever I'm sure I've dished out laely. I'm sure there's something.

Jennie: Thank you for accepting Drew's friends with such openness. It means alot to me that you can resist that overprotective, jealous, ownership quality that sometimes gets the best of us, and at the same time never seem false in your interest in others.

Kate: I'm so unbelievably sorry that you can't go. But I hope you have a wonderful birthday and we have the opportunity to do something really special soon.

Brad: I'm sorry to hear about your dogs. If I wasn't such a sad, frigid, bloddless, bastard-child, then I could relate on some level. Be that as it may, I know you will find the silver lining in the dark clouds above.

Golden Boy: I'm watching you, man.

Michael: See you tomarrow morning!

I know the secret to having great friends. You never miss an opportunity to tell them how special they are, and how much you need them, and how you admire them as people, and you always listen to them. Once you do, you're no longer a great friend. Why then would you deserve them?

Take care of yourselves. For all we have in this world is who we are and what we cling to.
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