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I'm beginning to think Hell is a Library

So I was having a really good day yesterday, and then I get blindsided by the most ridiculous thing I've heard since "my soul is burning." This is such bullshit. Celeste's mom disapproves of her lifestyle and of the decisions she makes, so she's making Celeste move home with her. I guess making her isn't the way to put it considering she JUST FUCKING STOOD THERE AND SAID NOTHING. This woman is ripping me apart and she says nothing. Then she turns back to Celeste resumes being a domineering mental case. I can't remember the last time I so wanted to truly harm someone. She even berated Marcus! So I get Celeste alone and started talking to her, and she at first defends her mother, then she agreed with her.

God, I really feel knifed in the back by Celeste right now. She agreed with her mother, who without knowing me decided I was in inadequate person. I felt like a horrible person and a bad friend. I'm not sure what to think. But I'm angry and hurt and I'm losing a friend because she anticipates moving by the first of this month.

but Pride was amazing. Thanx you guys, for everything. Thanx Brad, for never apologizing for being who you are. I love you guys. I'm going to take something for my headache before I gotta work.
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