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because it matters...

If you have a problem, come to me. I won't cast you out for needing something. I tell you if there's a serious issue (and I did Marcus) to your face. If you want to better yourself then I am more than happy to wish you well. However, when you say nothing and then your mother - the person who abandoned you and abused and berated you in my presence- comes in and says things, don't be surprised when I'm upset. I was hurt because I felt as though Celeste is going to be unhappy, and that's all that mattered to me.

I wrote in my journal about it BECAUSE ITS MY FUCKING RIGHT TO SPEAK MY MIND IN MY JOURNAL. I wasn't aiming it at anyone. I cried my eyes out over Celeste because I was scared for her well-being. You can ask Andrew or Jennie about that-they were there for me. It you had concerns about me abandoning friendships, then you obviously don't know me that well. Ask Brad, Kate, Drew, Jennie, Ryan, or Aimee what kind of friend I am. I'm not confused about it. I'm the kind of friend who offered the best thing she had when it was needed (even if its falling apart)

And you, Marcus. If you had an opinion about an issue that none of your concern - that's one thing. But to judge my home and pull my only space in this world apart and examine it, it low of you. All I wanted was Celeste to be happy. If she's happier living in someone else's box, that's her call. But I work my ass of for my home, and don't you say a motherfucking thing about it.

I never asked you to take my side either. I didn't make sides. I just felt bad because I was losing a friend. Apparantly I was underestimating my loss.
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