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oh I am so pissed off

Oh my God, I fucking hate people. I hate people so much right now. So I'm doing research for Brad and pulling Microfilm and such, and I find this:


I warn you, you'll hate people too.
Fucking evil son-of-a-bitch people


Jul. 5th, 2003 09:13 pm (UTC)
damn kid you have had a hellva week
hey girl sorry to see you are soo upset, if you need to talk call me, oh hell how 'bout I just call you! I am soo glad to know you still have so many great friends who are there to let you lean on them when we can't be there. You are a true friend to those that you allow in your life and though you may be feeling betrayed and hurt you will get though this because you are strong and confident. We love you, and don't ever forget that!! The Step Monster!