Currently dashing the hopes of my parents. (lolasenvy) wrote,
Currently dashing the hopes of my parents.

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I've decided to go see Harry in November. That's right, I'm going to New Orleans! I'm going to see his shop "the Spade and Archer" and meet him in person. I'm really excited but I would like to emphasize how little my parents are (well, some of them.)

So I guess I don't have to sleep with Mike. Doesn't mean I wouldn't or won't. I just said I didn't have to.

Shut up, Kate.

Still avoiding my home, but I'm not angry or upset. It just feels a little weird, and I don't want to be in their way anyway. Went out with Jason last night, which was fun, but we didn't do much.
I haven't been doing much at all, I just thought I'd note that so you didn't think I had lost my mind and was roaming aimlessly around the streets of Columbus.
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