Currently dashing the hopes of my parents. (lolasenvy) wrote,
Currently dashing the hopes of my parents.

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I'm having an in-of-body experience

Tried to be a woman. Here i am dancing around my living room in my granny underwear watching Ally McBeal and singing "Searching My Soul." I can't believe it.

David E. Kelley is a better woman than I am.

Why do I feel liberated and at the same time depressed. Maybe it's this exfoliating mask. The things I do in the name of impression. If I have to climb out of this body and into a better one, shouldn't I feel impowered at my ability to shed one persona and quickly adapt another? I guess not.

I guess that's why I have so many gay friends. How awesome would it be to never wear make-up, girdles, wax, or a bra and at the same time still be attracted to Mr. Al Simer. Maybe David E. Kelley is up on me on this one. Where's my remote? I need CNN all of the suden.
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