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Some quizzes

First best friend: Sarah Massoud
First real memory of something: My apartment in Portland, OR
First car: 1957 Cadillac Sedan De Ville
First date: Shaun Sellars, eighth grade, the haunted hayride
First real kiss: Mike, 8 July 2003
First break-up: (don’t laugh-its sad) Andrew
First job: Dietary Plan Specialist - Columbia Doctor’s Hospital
First screen name: MadameVerdoux
First self purchased album: Classic Elton John
First funeral: My Great Grandmother
First pets: Fritz, my German Sheppard
First piercing/tattoo: ears so far
First credit card: Capitol One Platinum MasterCard
First true love: Andrew
First enemy: myself
First big trip: driving across country with my parents, age 4
First play/musical/performance: Chorus, second alto, fifth grade
First musician you remember hearing in your house: Bon Jovi

Last cigarette: last week, something generic I ripped off Nate
Last big car ride: New York with Andrew and Kate
Last kiss: this morning
Last good cry: two days ago
Last movie seen: Matrix: Reloaded (I’m completely obsessed)
Last beverage drank: water (alcohol: rum-in fruity substance)
Last food consumed: French fries
Last crush: Nate
Last phone call: my mother
Last tv show watched: Quantum Leap
Last time showered: yesterday afternoon
Last shoes worn: black keds lace-ups
Last cd played: massive attack on Mer de Noms - A Perfect Circle with Massive Attack
Last item bought: a book for Mike
Last annoyance: being in pain last night
Last disappointment: my paycheck
Last soda drank: Sprite
last ice cream eaten: vanilla
last time wanting to die: February 2003 in all seriousness
last time scolded: I dunno, I tend not to listen anymore…
last shirt worn: my long sleeve green stripe one from the fat people store
last website visited: livejournal...

1. How many sexual partners have you had?: 2
2. How old are you?: 19
3. What is the age of the youngest sexual partner?: 22
4. What about the oldest?: not sure…
5. Favorite sex food?: sex food? I guess… wait a minute, sex food??
6. Best place you have done it?: In the bathroom during a family reunion
7. Favorite position?: The sixth posture of the perfumed garden
8. Worst sex you have ever had?: losing Virginity with, you know, that guy
9. Best sex?: The first time with Mike
10. One thing sexually you would not do ever?: anal sex. Ouch.
11. Favorite porn star?: Don’t have one.
12. Your dick size/boob size?: 38D
13. Ideal dick/boob size?: uhhh, next question
14. How many people have you given head to?: one
15. Do you like sex?: who doesn’t?
16. Are you in a relationship?: yes
17. Ever had unprotected sex?: yes
18. Ever had sex with a stranger?: yes
19. Like the idea of casual sex?: what, right now? Ok…
20. Ever kissed a guy or a girl, and if yes how many?: three, two of those only once
21. What sexual favor do you like doing the most?: I dunno, whichever he wants at the time. I just like having sex.
22. How about receiving?: massage
23. Have you ever gotten high/drunk and ended up getting frisky with someone?: I was drunk when I lost my virginity, but it wasn’t because I was drunk. I just wanted it over with.
24. If so, who was it and what did you do?: see above
25. What is your shortest sexual session?: about a half an hour
26. Longest session?: I had sex 12 times in one night once. But my longest single session was 11/2 hours.
27. Place you wanna have sex?: Ryan and Aimee’s bathroom (just kidding)
28. Something stupid people do during foreplay?: Put their hands in awkward places (like the back of a volkswagen) I really hate that
29. First celebrity you would have sex with?: Dean Stockwell
30. Celebrity you'd marry?: Crispin Glover, Kenneth Branagh
31. First friend you would fuck?: Ryan, or Nate
32. Ever thrown up after giving head?: No
33. Lost your gag reflex?: Not yet. Actually discovered it
34. First person you fucked?: Next Question
35. Do you regret anyone?: I don’t regret anything
36. Who do you not regret?: see above
37. Longest Relationship?: Mike, almost two months
38. Had sex with someone on the rag?: No, but I’ve been fucked on the rag
39. Flashed for money/gifts?: No, but have a on a bet
40. Used whips during sex?: No
41. How many guys/girls have given you an oral favor?: 1
42. Ever done 69, and if so with how many different people?: Yes, with one
43. Ever faked an orgasm?: Nope
44. Ever had an orgasm during sex?: Yep
45. How many guys/girls have given you an orgasm?: 1
46. Ever had a 3-some or an orgy?: no
47. Have you ever had sex while high or drunk?: yes, both
48. Worst thing that has happened to you regarding sex?: the volkswagen incident. That’s all I’m saying
49. Ever had a std?: No
50. Did you lie about any of these answers?: No


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(Deleted comment)
Sep. 4th, 2003 01:45 pm (UTC)
*giggles* Why not? Everyone else has...
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 4th, 2003 02:32 pm (UTC)
it's a whole respect thing...
...that, and when have I been known to follow the crowd.

Hey, that icon of mine is new...
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