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here's for some intersting reading...

The beloved son of Zeus and, the mortal, Alcmene, Herakles Herakles was fathered by Zeus, thus making him the half brother of Persephone.

Herakles was more than a match for men and gods alike. After his death Herakles was granted godhood and was welcomed by all the immortals. Even Hera put aside her jealously to receive our Hero.

Herakles also freed Prometheus from his bondage and torture As punishment for giving the mortals stolen fire, Zeus ordered Hephaistos to chain Prometheus to a rock. Then, as torment, Zeus sent an eagle to ravage the Titan’s immortal flesh. In due time, Herakles killed the eagle and freed Prometheus, as was also the will of Zeus.

Ponder this: Persephone is the sister of Herankles.
The mother of the matrix is sistered by the strongest known physical creation, which is recieved after his distruction.

Persephone and Smith

What do you think?
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