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...As scrolled on the walls of Arkham...

Hello everyone,
Well, if you've stumbled here you're either a friend or you're lost. Either way, welcome. All of my friends hyped these up, so I finally got one. Now I can share my insanity with the world! I guess I should cram the basics into an easily digestable form. Much like the pop tart.

Mother - Insane (now medicated)
Father - Drunk... Still... Sometimes for stunt, most often just to torment...
Step mom - um...she's fun at parties?
Step dad - Great, why is he in this family?
Brother #1 - Captian America God complexed psycho fucking freak!
Brother #2 - Missing; Quite possibly the only normal one.
Brother #3 - Handicapped, and proud of it!
Brother #4 - ...And WEEEEE!!!!!!!
Brother #5 - Little bastard infant psycho whose first word will be NOW!

Mom ; Dad
Concieved me; promtly broke up.
(I have that effect on people)

Mom ; Step Dad
Met; married. I was one year old.
Had Captain America and the little

Dad ; Step Mom
Met; Married; Divorced; Married;
living together, but not - Damn
it! Make up your mind! Had the
handicapped avenger and Brother
#4, who could light Las Vegas if
there was a large enough Hamster

Me ; The World
Daughter to Mom and Dad. Step-daughter
to step mom and dad. Older sister to the
children of the damned. Writer, cynic,
friend, romantic, fighter, republican,
journalist, survivor, lola.

If you still find yourself interested, come by every once and again. I'll try to dust the blinds to the window of my soul. Maybe we'll both catch a breeze.
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