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when will people learn to leave well enough alone?

When will people learn that walking away isn't an act of cowardice, but rather an adult decision to not rip the throat out of the next person who say anything to her? When will people learn that my hate never dies out, and if you have an issue with me, then out your fucking mouth to me and only to me about it?

I hope people like that are scared. I hope they're scared shitless. Because they should be. I am so angry right now I could vomit. My anniversary is ruined, and don't think for a second I believe it's an accident or without purposeful malice.

If you want to bury a hatchet, then let it go. Don't say one day that you'll never speak to someone again, and two days later have some issue in need of serious discussion. And for the last time: KEEP MY NAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH. There is no need for you to discuss me with anyone but me. And what goes on between Mike and I is no business of yours. I don't waste my time thinking about you when you're not making yourself the topic of argument. So just stay out of it and I would have no reason to be anything but grateful to be rid of you.

However. I am deviating from my normal policies by my willingness to simply ignore you. If you cannot take this warning to heart and do as asked, I cannot be held responcible for what I may do next.

I am not to be taken lightly. Ask Caleb, Danny, Ryan, or anyone else who has pissed me off. The choice is yours.
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