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fumbling toward infedelity

I guess Conan is just going to have to have to move over.

For three days now, I've had one thing on my mind. Now I'm going to assume that you were paying enough attention (scroll down) to know what I'm talking about. Let's examine the track record:

3 times throwing up a lung
6 cases of the quakes
4 inexplicable cryfests
2 nosebleeds
and 1 conclusion: why am I so upset over something that is BOUND to happen anyway?

Conan had a good run. But I guess it's time for a new obsession. I suppose I don't find myself interesting enough, so I have to occupy my mind with those things beyond me. At least he's fictitious this time. Ok, now I'm crying again. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

monopolies, republicanism, sex, anger, the randomness of being, anything but this.

As for my friends, they're used to putting up with or ignoring all of my bullshit. Same game, different topic. Not like I wouldn't do it for you. You could be psychotic coulrophobes, and I'd love you for it (of course I'd love you, you'd be more fucked up than I am.) When you get tired of it, just tell me and I'll avoid it in conversation.

When I was a kid, escapism was important. When your mom comes off her rusty hinges, being someone else is survival. It's still the bitter pill that makes everything easier to swallow. So why do I feel like a freak????

My head is spinning. I can't sleep. When I eat, well, you know.

...and I'm so tired

Fuck it, nothing matters anyway.
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