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Pretty sure I'm gonna piss someone off

Abortion?: You don't teach the kid by gluing the vase back together, you teach the kid by not letting them play ball in the house.

Death Penalty?: If they show no compassion for human life, then no compassion should be shown to them.

Prostitution?: With the current state of affairs in the world, I don't think selling an orgasm is at the pennicle of our responcible concern.

Alcohol?: Alcohol is a great addition to a social function. However, it is my observance that most people I know tend to allow alcohol to become the social function, then unable the understand the difference between them.

Marijuana?: Is the single stupidest reason to incarcerate someone in existance.

Other drugs?: So long as you accept who you are letting yourself become, and forfeit your abilities to destroy innocent lives around you, so be it.

Gay marriage?: Gay marriage is none of my buisness. And none of yours either. Unless of course, you're the one closing the bedroom door.

Illegal immigrants?: Need to get the hell out of my country unless they plan to apply and complete the civic process.

Smoking?: Is this even an issue??? I will say this, non-smoking bars can lick my cunt. Anyone who can bitch about smoke while the drinking poison and trying to have unsafe sex with a stranger needs to bathe in a tub full of double edge razor blades.

Drunk driving?: People like that are the depth of misery.

Cloning?: Why not? So long as it is understood that once you create life, you have a responcibility to ensure it is safe and has the same rights as anyone else.

Racism?: Racism is an ignorance that should be painful. However, when it is just as much as excuse to be manipulated for getting ahead as it is a description of an inappropriate behavior, then both parties are at fault.

Premarital sex?: If you are prepared for the consequences, then go for it. But don't be surprised when it does EXACTLY what it is designed to do. (Unless you're gay, in which yeeeha)

Religion?: Have faith in something. Even if it's Joe Pesci, believe in something. For all it's faults, faith can be absolute salvation, however found.

The war in Iraq?: I support those who support my way of life. Above all else, I support those people.


Downloading music?: When a hungry person steals a loaf of bread, we feel bad because they couldn't afford something central to their being. We make arrangements so both the baker and the man get what they need. Music is central to the soul. However, when a company levies an unfair price on this, it isn't going to stop those people devoted to it. Why are we not compromising here? This is a principle issue. I mean, the Boston Tea Party wasn't held because the people had a need for tea. Seeing the parallel here?

The legal drinking age?: I dunno. Seems silly that you can die for your country but not toast it's glory. Still, most people I know that drinking are entirely too immature for it. Hmmm...

Porn?: Porn has done more for the rights of the female than any march or lillith fair every has or will.

Suicide?: Suicide is the act of the sick mind. Period. No healthy human being should ever want to die.
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