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and to think my favorite book was the worst movie...

wow. It was ok and all, but this director was way too fucking ambitious, it left HUGE chunks of important stuff out of the movie, and harped on stupid, half-assed symbolism in hopes it would be taken as metaphor (yes, there's a big difference.) I don't know, perhaps I'm a bit critical because I love these books and this one was my favorite, but it's hard not to notice its shortcomings. Saddest of all, they get this BRILLIANT actor like Gary Oldman to play the best character in the series (or at least right up there) and then cut the film so that his best performance is screaming in the Goddamn wanted poster. The best part was seeing all the characters an seeing how they've grown and such. When you're a big fan, it's like you know them personally, so it's great to watch them grow anf mature. I enjoyed it, but it doesn't hold a candle to the first two.

EDIT: I'm a little slow with the html, but this Great icon was made by CAREENA , this incredibly groovy girl whose livejournal I read. It made me giggle all over, so I borrowed it. Sorry for not mentioning it sooner.
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