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A little something about nothing at all

Well, I"m here. I just recieved a barage of good e-mail today, including two new livejournal pictures from Brad. I just love them!!!

Should talk to Kate and Michael today. I was supposed to go to work last but I passed out last night around 7 pm and just got up. So now (scratch scratch) I'm laying in bed being antisocially social (God, I love my generation.) Oh my god, Sister Christian! I love this CD!

Had a dream about Ryno last night. He came by to see how I was doing. Strangely nice, albeit a dream. Hope you are well Ryno.

I think I'll go out tonight. Call Anjelica and Kate. Dad's got good prospects on a job by the way. But the control center of my being is starting to rumble. Guess I should eat something.