Currently dashing the hopes of my parents. (lolasenvy) wrote,
Currently dashing the hopes of my parents.

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1 minute ago: finding this
1 hour ago: watching the kid
1 day ago: looking at a new house
1 week ago: picking out wallpapers
1 month ago: parting with all my friends (it was near my birthday)
1 year ago: meeting the man of my dreams
5 minutes ago: talking to my mom
5 hours ago: eating lunch
5 days ago: swimming with some friends
5 weeks ago: was June
5 months ago: I was pregnant
5 years ago: i met Aimee
I hurt: seldom anymore
I love: those who deserve it
I hate: most everyone else.
I fear: nothing
I hope: the truth is known
I feel alone: when I think of what i wasted
I break: with GREAT difficulty
I listen: with my soul
I hide: when Kate has an idea
I drive: certain people crazy
I breathe: smoke
I miss: no one. I don't miss one single living person.
I learn: Everything I can
I feel: more than is believed of me
I know: more than she thinks
I say: whatever I believe
I dream: like DAVID
I want: to be done buying this house
I fell: and I learned from it
I wait: ...

and still do.
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