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and suddenly, it becomes real.

My boss is a really nice guy. He has a lot of good ideas and is fun to work with. He gave me this great new promotion and has a lot of faith in me.

I love most of the people I work with. It's a great job.

But my boss came here and started at my store because of his son. His son was a college student in Atlanta, where he and his wife lived. He was a manager of a WAG in Atlanta. His son, unable to cope with the pressure of his courseload and shamed to admit it, tried to kill himself.

He didn't succeed, and now he is persistant vegetative.

I watch this man come to work having had no sleep because he was at hospice the evening before. I have seen him burst into tears uncontrollably because his baby boy is dying and he is powerless. I have witnessed him change his entire life, and end up in Phenix City, living in his mother-in-law's house because of this tragedy.

I think I was silent about Terri Schiavo because in a way I see how sad it must have been for her husband, and how it really was no one's business but his and Terri's - - not even her parents. I think because even I want to be able to say "He's gone, and the sooner you realize this the sooner you can mourn - and heal."

I think it's been a little too real.

I haven't mentioned my boss' name out of respect for his privacy and that of his family. I love him and wish the best for him. At least I can say that here without making for an awkward situation. They are debating whether or not to remove his feeding tube this week. If anyone is interested, I will most likely post.

Oh yeah, Happy birthday to my baby. Mike, I love you.
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