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stolent from Widowswalk, who

Stole it from [info]crapguitarist
Tell me 5 15 things I don't know about you.

Mine are...

1) The first non-family person I ever kissed was Kate.
2) My mom cried when she heard about how I lost my virginity.
3) In every fantasy I have, the man who loves dies in a horrible way.
4) I like selling makeup more than I liked working in radio.
5) I'm kind of ok with my grandma dying, because it has brought me a lot closer to my mom.
6) Thinking of thinks Kate wouldn't know is taking a really, really long time.
7) I can't read "I Love You Forever" or head "Baby Girl" by Sugarland without crying. Honestly.
8) Although I maintain that I love myself and won't change for anyone, it is a daily temptation to start a crash diet.
9) I recently told Mike I wanted him to sleep without someone else.
10) I am insanely jealous of people with children, and tend to be really nosy about them.
11) My aunt Anna was the final push for me towards atheism.
12) I plan to not circumsize my male children, when and if I have them.
13) I want, more than anything, to have someone driven crazy wanting me. But I don't want that person to be Mike.
14) When no one is around, I have been known to watch the Lifetime movie network.
15) The most beautiful woman I've ever seen, in my opinion, is Shayne on the L word. I would die to look just like her.
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