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Heh Heh...Whodunnits are cool...

Try this one. It's pretty easy, of course I'm a mystery buff. If you're stumped, I'll post the answer tomorrow. Just thought you guys might find it amusing.

Myrna Towers drove up just in time to see the two intruders leaving the cabin and hiking up into the woods that bordered onto Green Bay State Park.
"I only saw them from a distance," the caretaker reported to the park ranger. "I couldn't even see if they were men or women. They had on these huge backpacks. One of them had a tent roll. When I got inside, I saw the cabin had been trashed. They'd obviously broken in and had been living there. There was food gone, furniture broken. You have to catch them or it's my job."
The ranger didn't relish the task. It had been a dry and warm week, until noon today when a cold rain came in from the north. Perhaps he'd be lucky and find these trespassing vandals right away. He didn't. It was early evening before he found any campers in the park who fit the rough description.
"Sorry we can't help you," Doug Mayer replied to the ranger's inquiries. He and his brother were camping in a tent by a trout stream. "We hiked in two days ago. All day today we've been fishing. Didn't see anyone. We got back just a little while ago."
"You fished in the rain?" the ranger asked as he gazed at the two small trout frying in a pan. The Mayer brothers invited him to join them for dinner but he refused.
A second pair of campers, a married couple, also fit the description. The ranger joined them inside their tent, sitting on a knapsack in order to avoid the wet ground. "We set up camp last night," Abe Wasserman informed him. "This morning, Maybelle and I went hiking. When it started raining, we found a cave and holed up there for a few hours. We didn't see another human all day."
An hour later, the ranger found a pair of female campers in an R.V. They were in a section of the park off-limits to vehicles. "I know we shouldn't be here," Georgina Twimble said.
"But we're not hurting anyone. A friend in Chicago lent me this R.V. That's why the registration's not in my name. If you want to call Chicago and check..."
"I don't need to call anyone," the ranger replied. "I already know who's lying."

Any Idea? Could it be Doug Mayer? Maybe Georgia Twimble? Well post reply if you wish. I will post answer tomorrow.
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