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this saves so much time...

everyoneisfired: hey!
everyoneisfired: how are you?
Haliferniahiding: good, you?
Haliferniahiding: heard about your accident. How is Mandrake?
everyoneisfired: mandrake has survived!
everyoneisfired: he's just got a bum front end, the insurance man will look at him tomorrow.
Haliferniahiding: cool
everyoneisfired: but I got a huge like, pulled muscle in my back, but i'm takin pills so it's ok
everyoneisfired: i felt quite yucky
Haliferniahiding: i bet
everyoneisfired: you gotta puppy!
Haliferniahiding: I fell down a flight on stairs two weeks ago
everyoneisfired: omg!
Haliferniahiding: broke my foot in two places, pulled a tendon, dislocated my sholder and bruised my sternum
Haliferniahiding: almost broke my neck
everyoneisfired: Christ, I'm sorry
everyoneisfired: are you better?
Haliferniahiding: yeah, I got a puppy. She was from an extremely abusive home, so we rescued her. She is really awesome
Haliferniahiding: I'm mostly better.
everyoneisfired: aww! what's her name?
Haliferniahiding: Gilda
everyoneisfired: awwwwwww, what kind of dog is it
Haliferniahiding: a golden lab
Haliferniahiding: she's awesome
Haliferniahiding: Francis died last week.
Haliferniahiding: I miss my ferret
everyoneisfired: OH I'm so sorry
everyoneisfired: Francis was so cute
Haliferniahiding: yeah
Haliferniahiding: heat stroke
Haliferniahiding: you shuld have seen it, Mike and I both cried like kids lost in a wal mart
everyoneisfired: how did he get too hot?
Haliferniahiding: the power in our old place went, and there was no air conditioning.
Haliferniahiding: when i got home, it was 110 degrees
everyoneisfired: oh my god, that's horrible
everyoneisfired: i'm so sorry
Haliferniahiding: i'm ok now
everyoneisfired: i'm glad you got a new puppy, where are you living now?
Haliferniahiding: ::censored::
everyoneisfired: sweeeeet
Haliferniahiding: yeah in the new buiulding
Haliferniahiding: i also moved to 3rd shift, which i love
everyoneisfired: over night?
Haliferniahiding: yep
everyoneisfired: swank! I bet you get the interesting crowd
Haliferniahiding: omg
Haliferniahiding: you wouldn't believe
everyoneisfired: OH! what's your new number so i can add it to my phon
everyoneisfired: e
Haliferniahiding: ::censored::
everyoneisfired: ::adding::
everyoneisfired: k
everyoneisfired: how's mike
Haliferniahiding: cool
Haliferniahiding: he's out of town
Haliferniahiding: but he's good
everyoneisfired: where's he working now?
Haliferniahiding: he's still with the tree service
Haliferniahiding: the best part about moving is that I'm home all day
everyoneisfired: i know, I must see your happenin flat
Haliferniahiding: yeah. I'm off tonight thank god
everyoneisfired: i have classes in the morning and i have to take the truck to the insuranc man tomorrow afternoon, but this weekend we should do something, I've missed you
Haliferniahiding: I'm moving this weekend
everyoneisfired: from where are you moving?
Haliferniahiding: but I'm off next Wed, Thurs, and Fri
Haliferniahiding: middle of nowhere AL
everyoneisfired: how'd you get there?
Haliferniahiding: long story, in person
everyoneisfired: true, i hear you
Haliferniahiding: I'm so glad to be back together and in Columbus
Haliferniahiding: I missed so many people
Haliferniahiding: i just felt diconnected
Haliferniahiding: guess what?
everyoneisfired: what

::section censored::

everyoneisfired: i mean is brad still in the house with avery and his friend
Haliferniahiding: yep
Haliferniahiding: those kids might as well be Brad's
everyoneisfired: yeah, he was always so good with them
Haliferniahiding: yep
everyoneisfired: COLE, i forgot about cole
everyoneisfired: aww, he was so funny
Haliferniahiding: still is
everyoneisfired: How's your momma and Eric and my Dennis?
Haliferniahiding: all fine
everyoneisfired: OH Dennis, my heart pangs
everyoneisfired: i miss him
everyoneisfired: i bet he's huge now
Haliferniahiding: Mom is having it out with her sis
everyoneisfired: the crazy aunt
Haliferniahiding: Dennis has become a psycho bastard child
everyoneisfired: the one you can't wait for to die
Haliferniahiding: yeah
everyoneisfired: what grade is he in
Haliferniahiding: and dad asked about you the other day
everyoneisfired: what can i say, I'm his hosebag!
Haliferniahiding: we'll have to get together and visit sometime
everyoneisfired: i know! i must see dennis, how old is he
Haliferniahiding: 5, just started school
everyoneisfired: AAWWW! I'm so proud, how is he sycho?
everyoneisfired: psycho*
Haliferniahiding: he's spoiled rotten
Haliferniahiding: i can't believe mom and dad let him get away with half of what he does
everyoneisfired: just acting out and stuff?
Haliferniahiding: yeah
everyoneisfired: yeah, that shit has to stop or it will never stop and he'll end up in Juvie
Haliferniahiding: yeah
Haliferniahiding: I love him, but half the time i just want to slap him one
everyoneisfired: yeah, maybeit's add or something
everyoneisfired: Or maybe it's being 5, eith one
Haliferniahiding: i don't thin so
everyoneisfired: remember when you thought he said "DIE CUNT" during a tantrum
Haliferniahiding: with Jason and I he behaves
Haliferniahiding: lol
Haliferniahiding: yeah
everyoneisfired: and when you hit his head on the wall saying "I love my brother..."
everyoneisfired: BANG
Haliferniahiding: good times
everyoneisfired: ::nods::
Haliferniahiding: ...if only he could remeber any of that
everyoneisfired: or the time at the radio station when the really bad storm came through and on the radio, I said RUN
Haliferniahiding: mmmm...chicken
everyoneisfired: I KNOW!

everyoneisfired: ::spits::
Haliferniahiding: omg do you know about Andrew
Haliferniahiding: he and I are like old times
everyoneisfired: that's great, i was hoold upping that would h
everyoneisfired: lord, I was hoping that would hold up"
::section censored::
Haliferniahiding: that's what the stupid cock socket gets
Haliferniahiding: Karma is a bitch
everyoneisfired: omg cock socket, HOW I've missed you
Haliferniahiding: that' nothing, I'm just getting warmed up
everyoneisfired: heheheheheheh
Haliferniahiding: weeds is on
everyoneisfired: weeds?
Haliferniahiding: the show. You haven'seen it?
Haliferniahiding: can I call you
everyoneisfired: my cell phone is charging in the car! SHITE
everyoneisfired: i'm at Brad's been kind of stayin here
everyoneisfired: poop
Haliferniahiding: i gotta get off the internet.
everyoneisfired: but you can anytime tomorrow, my phone is just ded.
Haliferniahiding: staying there?
everyoneisfired: living-staying, yep
everyoneisfired: with the professor
Haliferniahiding: no way!
everyoneisfired: way!
Haliferniahiding: O M G
everyoneisfired: i have MUCH to report
everyoneisfired: we ust get together soon
Haliferniahiding: likewise, b sure
Haliferniahiding: hmmmm
Haliferniahiding: I'll be on later?
everyoneisfired: i have class in the mornign, so i'm off to bed, but i'll be on tomorrow for sure
Haliferniahiding: cool
everyoneisfired: or just call my cell tomorrow
everyoneisfired: same number, do you still have it
Haliferniahiding: I'll be here all day, so whenever your on
everyoneisfired: ::censored::
everyoneisfired: k
Haliferniahiding: k
Haliferniahiding: see ya
everyoneisfired: night night ::giggles:: cock socket....
everyoneisfired: biyee


Aug. 18th, 2006 05:16 pm (UTC)
433A - come and see me whenever you get the chance, I miss you terribly.
Aug. 19th, 2006 02:32 am (UTC)
Brad! How are you?
Aug. 19th, 2006 02:39 am (UTC)
Smashing - you?

Aug. 20th, 2006 08:04 pm (UTC)
Re: ::coughcoughcocksocketcough::
I'm having a helluva cocksocketing day!